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Unable to unlock Bootloader on Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10

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 Because the bootloader could not be unlocked on Zenfone 9, I decided to write to Asus Support to be told when it would be possible to unlock the bootloader on Z9 and Z10. The response I received was that it would no longer be possible to unlock the boot on any of these phones. Upon receiving this news I decided not to buy the Z10. I think it is a big mistake that Asus has decided that the boot cannot be unlocked. I don't know if they will change their mind, but there will be many of us who decide NOT to buy it.



The problem with "According to information from Asus" is that it is not Asus themselves directly announcing it. 

If they make the announcement themselves then there is at least something to hold them accountable to. Right now there is just rumours basically.

Really wish Asus would step up and announce it themselves so we can be sure.

Someone told me, a guy can unlock the bootloader paid like $30 tried messaging the guy, did not response at Telegram😅

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Anyone who claims anything through Telegram is 99% a scam.

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No official announcement = No guarantee a **bleep** thing.



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I personally own Zenfone 8 but feel the same disappointment as mentioned above. When I was buying my phone I checked that I can unlock the bootloader and this was the main reason I have even looked at it in the first place. Now Asus took away the unlocking option and I feel betrayed. Nice parametres like GB of RAM and so on was on the second place. The fact of having a phone in place of shovel was the third point of choice. But now I consider going back to the shovels if cannot unlock the bootloader on my Zenfone 8.

For now I think I will wait until Q3 ends, as it was mentioned above. But if not, what other phones do you think are worth mentioning when choosing phone for LOS for example and are not that expensive at the same time.