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Unable to unlock Bootloader on Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10

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 Because the bootloader could not be unlocked on Zenfone 9, I decided to write to Asus Support to be told when it would be possible to unlock the bootloader on Z9 and Z10. The response I received was that it would no longer be possible to unlock the boot on any of these phones. Upon receiving this news I decided not to buy the Z10. I think it is a big mistake that Asus has decided that the boot cannot be unlocked. I don't know if they will change their mind, but there will be many of us who decide NOT to buy it.



I totally agree . Before I already commented that the best thing would be to return the terminals so that they realize that their policy is wrong. Every day there are more brands that do not allow the BOOT to be unlocked. Xiaomi leaves because its software is terrible. Motorola nonda problems and has very good software

The Q3 was such obvious BS since it was first announced. Why stop supporting unlocking the bootloader for the ZF9 until you (supposedly) update the tool to support the Z10? Keep it as is and just release the updated version that supports both on Q3.  Asus  decided to kill rooting since the tool stopped working and were lied to about it coming back.

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What even are pros of not giving the ability to unlock your phones to users? What's there to gain???

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Maybe it would be best to have someone to jailbreak the bootloader,that would be best for users...Asus would lose on that. It's already loosing on users who will find out of being locked and not buying it.

that is why it is important that we publicize the measure that Asus has taken. Maybe they will retract and offer again the possibility of unlocking the boot