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UI suggestions

Star II

Many thanks for the ability to roll back to small quick tiles in A13. But I have two more suggestions that'd make UI better:

  • add "disable clipboard overlay" option, akin to "screenshot toolbar" option in settings, that'd disable the following new A13 annoying misfeature (some custom ROMs have already implemented this)Untitled.png
  • add the ability to disable quick settings on the lock screen, both OneUI (settings->lock screen->secure lock settings->Lock network and security setting) and MIUI (Settings->notification and control center->items show on lock screen after swiping down->control center) have and option to disable them, as this poses unwanted ability for others to modify important settings without unlocking the phone first


Hey @DeferYr,

Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your suggestions to the R&D department.

Star III

Hello everyone!

I have some thoughts about new features to the UI too.  Not sure where I can write my suggestions so I'm posting them here.

The split screen could get a bit of tweeking. Although I saw on one video that the zen UI has the option to resize the split screen window ratio, my Zenfone can only split screen in the middle. Also, there must be an easier, continuos way to enter split screen. I had oneplus before this phone and you could enter split screen without pausing the YouTube video, and change the bottom app while watching that same video without stoping. Maybe a swipe from the bottom to enter app overview and just pinning the active app to the top or something like that. 



Also, i had Motorola before oneplus, and their moto actions are a godsend. Chop phone to toggle flashlight, twist to open camera. The double tap on the back of zanfone 9 is pretty hit or miss and therefore not reliable. And I'm in need for my flashlight quick pretty often. It might sound a bit strange bit double tap the back shortcut was the turning point where u decided to order the Zenfone 9 and now is pretty much useles and turned off.

The lock screen on Motorola is also something to look into, such a thoughtful and practical skin for android. 

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