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To everyone complaining about Zenfone 9.

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I know that some of you will treat it as an advertisement for Asus Zenfone 9, but you can see my previous posts, in which I sometimes complained about this phone.  Well, this month I tested two other Google Pixel 7 and Xiaomi 13 phones. I returned both to the store and went back to Zenfone 9.

Pixel 7 from the very beginning disappointed with a very short battery life (and after a few days, when all updates were already uploaded). Aside from a slightly better camera, there wasn't really anything I missed about the Zenfone 9 in the Pixel 7. Add to that the lack of WifiCalling and Volte in my country, and the choice became obvious to me. However, I had high hopes for Xiaomi 13 (a much more expensive phone), but apart from the screen, this phone is in no way better than Asus. The battery is weaker, it was enough for only one day of light use (while in Zenfone it is usually 1.5-2 days). However, in Xiaomi there is a really bad system (MIUI), which not only is underdeveloped (in a phone for this price), but also the interface itself could display some items on the main screen incorrectly, the Google map could "freeze" during a longer drive, and bluetooth devices didn't always connect or play properly. 

I would like to add that in the meantime, I briefly tested the Oppo Reno6 pro phone, but it is also a weaker phone from Asus. Also, if someone really complains about Zenfone 9, they should test something from the competition, and they will see that it is a really good phone in its price category. The way the Asus system works (no errors, no problems with the interface), how it works with other devices and how long it lasts on the battery makes it one of the best compact phones in my opinion.


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completely agree with you 👍

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