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Seeking Input on Software Updates: Zenfone 10 vs. Xperia 5 V

Star I

Hello community,

I'm currently in a dilemma between choosing the Zenfone 10 and Xperia 5 V, and one of the crucial factors for me is the software updates. While both phones seem to have similar update durations, I'm more interested in understanding the quality of these updates.

For users of the Zenfone 9/10, could you share your experiences with software updates? Specifically, are the updates stable upon release? If any issues like battery drain or bugs arise, how promptly are they addressed in subsequent updates?

Additionally, are there any peculiar or noteworthy issues with the Zenfone 9/10 that you think I should be aware of before making my decision?

Your insights will greatly assist me in making an informed choice. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences!


Star I

That is what I was looking for, what information, present here at this site! MaryKayInTouch

Thanks for providing the solution..