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Eas speaker stopped working

Star II

Suddenly after almost 2 years, having the latest firmware 33.0804.2060.204 the handheld speaker stopped working.

If I press the loudspeaker button - the sound is coming out as it should - loudly, but it doesn't come back to being a regular ear speaker. The recording of the conversation, even the part I didn't hear - works.

I think it started happening just after I plugged my headphones into the 3.5 socket - which still works and what I must use to keep the conversation private.

Reset doesn't give effect.


Star III

Maybe it's related to your hardware. Clean your 3.5 socket, and try to change the output source during a call and tell us if you find anything.

Good thinking, alas, did not solve my issue.

Hey @Moav,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll forward the issue to the R&D, however, before I do that I'd recommend you perform an SMMI test to check if the receiver is working:


  • Open the calculator app, type " .12345+= ", then SMMI Test Interface will pop up
  • Select "single test" and then "Receiver test"

Hi @Mansi_ASUS ,

I've tried and it does not work.

Thanks, I hope it will be fixed.. can't hear calls other than the loud speaker or BT.