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Screen replacement available in France ?

Star I

I have dropped my brand new zenfone 9 and broke the screen. I brought it to the reseller for repair, they say they send it to an authorized Asus service shop. It's been 6 weeks with no news now. I see on the web that it is possible to find the part now. I am wondering about Asus customer service efficiency now. This is not serious !



Hey @MarcP78F,

Can you PM me your phone's Serial Number or the RMA Number? It will help us track the repair process of your phone and evaluate the situation.

Hi, S/N is : N7AIB7015182PT3

It's from the box, the phone is at the Asus repair shop...

I have requested the reseller to return my Zenphone 9 wether broken or repaired. I know it's possible to find the part and thus I will bring it to a small shop around the corner where they care for their customers, and have it repaired. Unless they have lost my unit, which is a possibility. It's either that or such a lousy customer care standard.