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zenfone9 launch in india

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Any updated, when Zenfone9 gonna launch in India?


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Zenfone 9 will not be launching in india.

Its sad truth all indian users are waiting for Zenfone comeback in indian market.

Myself a Zenfone users since its first gen and lately been using Zenfone 5Z since 5 years now.

Even M waiting for new generation Zenfone to launch so that i can buy and use it as my latest daily driver🤭

Hope Asus is listening!!!


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Majority of Indians cannot afford zenfone 9. Redmi phones fit their budget better. Be a waste of time releasing such a high priced phone in India. 

There must be some crazy Asus fans like me out there most of indians where expecting Asus will comeup with something during zenfone 9 launch you can check every indian tech youtubers they bought zenfone 9 from other countries to review and use it for sometime that was a craze for Zenfone 9 in inda 

Even oneplus gone to its roots now for indian market they have one single flagship to compete every range.

Asus should also comeup with same strategy like Zenfone 5z india launch one single flagship to comepete every range ! 

Zenfone 5z was best seller for Asus in its flagship range because of there smart strategy and pricing.

Hope to see similarly something special this time from Asus in Zenfone 10 strategy and pricing for indian market😜

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Community Manager
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