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Return to Android 13

Rising Star I

Personal reasons to return to Android 13:
- Customizing a mobile phone is very personal and with Android 14 options have been lost in Zenfone 9.
- You can no longer have 5 icons in the dock on the main screen and 4 in the application drawer.
- Some old apks can no longer be installed and for me they are important.
But it's funny... if they are installed, they work. But if they are uninstalled they can no longer be installed!!!!!!

I think it is not an Android 14 problem.
I'm sure it's an Asus problem.
But I am also sure that they will not provide a solution.

Asus tells me that you cannot go back to a previous version of Android. I know it is possible. It would be great if Asus officially gave that possibility. I will do everything possible to return even if I lose the warranty.
If anyone knows how to do it on Z9, send me a private message. Thank you.

I am very happy with my Z9 and I don't want to change. But....