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"Others" Battery Drainage Possible Cause

Rising Star I

So i made a similare post a few months ago in hopes of someone finding a fix or at least a cause behind it all. Well i did in fact find a fix for it and possibly whats causing it. The fix was just to factory reset the phone. Had AMAZING battery life after the reset, BUT only for a few days. Its been 7 days since i reset the phone and its back to "normal" with "Others" draining the battery once again. 

The thing is, within the span of the issue coming back and the battery draining i also got myself a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones for work. So i believe Bluetooth is behind "Others" draining the battery. Before i got the headphones i could easily get 6h SOT with 14-17h idle. WITH Bluetooth enabled for 6-7h a day i can barely get 4h like before. Checking the battery graph however reveals that Bluetooth have only used MAX 5% throughout the day, while "Others" are back at 20-25%. Im going to check if not using Bluetooth for an entire day allows me to get those 6h SOT back.

Should also note that before i factory reset the phone, the only time i actually had issues with "others" draining the battery was while i was driving around with my car, WITH Bluetooth enabled for music. Seems kinda suspicious that the issue came back when i finally started using Bluetooth again.

In short: factory reset gave me great battery life. Got Bluetooth headphones so Bluetooth was active for 6-7h a day, Bluetooth however only used 5% battery while "others" are back at 20-25%.



Thanks for the log file. I have forwarded it to the R&D department.

I enabled my bluetooth back and will let you know. Will add logs tomorrow after whole day usage, though definitely I have also some other problems, because still having those others when not using bluetooth, just less. But it's on my zenfone 8, but it seems to be very, very similar. Hope it will still be looked into.

Rising Star I

OK, so i know its an old thread, but i kinda have an update for this. As i previously stated i had a lot of evidence pointing towards bluetooth being the culprite for all the battery usage. HOWEVER i just got some interesting information about the issue.

I recently factory reset the phone on FW version .113, and with that "Others" have disappeared from the battery usage list, BUT, one app has risen to the top.

And of course, its spotify, with a whopping 25% battery usage JUST for today. 10h standby, ~2.5h SoT with 20% left after a 8h work shift. Im not sure why spotify never showed anything more than 5% battery usage before, but im thinking that the battery usage measurment was just kinda glitched since i still have the same amount of standby and SoT as before when "Others" was the culprite.

So it seems like spotify was glitched before i reset the phone, and now actually shows correct battery information. This could explain why bluetooth still only barely uses 4%. All the times ive used bluetooth is with spotify. Which explains why i thought it was bluetooth at first, when in reality it WAS spotify that was behind it all. Ive searched around a bit on google and found a thread a few years old complaining about spotify draining samsung phones batteries, so it might be some bug thats returned. Sadly no solution for it yet, BUT its a step forward! 

Star III

Hello Everyone, since i commented on this topic, it's only fair i share with you my recent findings. 
I can now officially confirm that a big chunk of my battery drainage was from spotify option "Spotify Connect in background", since i turned that off the battery levels improved drastically. Also i uninstalled the facebook app but i don't that was an issue. Hope this helps.

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