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Poor update

Rising Star I

You can see all the messages that are in the forum, There are not a few users who have problems.

You CANNOT be oblivious to that. It is unacceptable. You can't play blind Just start reading the forum, it's not very difficult.


have never been in a company that cares so little about its customers and treats them so badly.


It leaves me a bad feeling, a lot of sorrow in my heart 


It seems like a bad joke 😔 with so many things to correct, they only updated the security patch and the position of the clock......




Rising Star II

They updated other things too. Including the camera, which is clearly better, with shutter lag reduced and less noise in inside environments. Double tap on back also works better after the last update half-broke it. I don't know why they do not post the complete list of changes. 

Star III

after every update, just clear cache from mobile manager and reboot the phone, it will solve all the problems... people from asus should mention it... its their responsibility after all... 

Rising Star I



 New update available Same poor changelog