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How to Turn Off Automatic System Update

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Zenfone 9 user.

Because of some annoying bugs in Android 13, i decided downgrade to Android 12.

But system always keep automatically downloading the Android 13, which this is more annoying. So what's the point ASUS give the downgrade firmware, but later forcing update again to Android 13?

Please let me know if there is solution to turn off automatic download update, since the option grey out.

Note: This is System Update problem, NOT App Update problem, so please don't suggest to turn off automatic updates in Play Store.


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It should be possible to turn off automatic download.  Go to  Settings -> System -> System Update -> cogwheel icon top right -> Automatically download and install -> Do not allow

Is the "do not allow" option greyed out?

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WhatsApp Image 2023-02-11 at 08.57.53.jpeg

Yes, the option greyed out.

So what I do is going to developer options, turn off apply updates when device restarts to prevent automatic updates, because systems forcing for download update firmwares.

Currently i'm thinking of using adb to disable system update.

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Follow my screen shots and it will solve the problem for you