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How to clean ZenFone 9 back?

Star I

So I've had this fone (wink) for about 2 months now and it's been amazing, but literally the first time I put the phone without a case in my pocket of black pants, the corners of the sunset red immediately got colored. Ever since it hasn't gotten worse until today when I noticed, almost like a fingerprint stain of the same colour on the back and I absolutely can't clean it up! I regret getting the red now, although it looks amazing. Is there a way to clean it? I tried water, even soap! Nothing works HELP PLEASE, is a skin my only option?  #zenfone9


Rising Star II

I have the black version of the phone and I can no longer see the text and serigraphs on the back.

I use the phone without a case and disdruto of its size and design and I pray that it does not fall to the floor ...

It is a bad material chosen by Asus. I love the white model but it must be the dirtiest of them all.

Nokia in its first Lumia used better and resistant plastics and soft touch. 

From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.165
(I apologize for my Bing English...)


Hey @Rooktherh,
You can clean the back of your Zenfone 9 using a cotton ball/pad with some lukewarm water. Please refrain from using any alcohol-based solution as it might rub off the text on the back of the phone.

Doesn't work, tried it.

Star I

I have the same problem. The back got dirty quite fast (after regular use), and there is no way to clean it. Especially on the edges, but now also on the flat surface. I tried water and different kinds of soap. I hope Asus comes with a solution for this.