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Zenfone is unable to connect to Whatapp web through QR code

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I am trying to sync my whatsapp, through the whatsapp qr code reader with my laptop, but the code on screen is not being recognised.

The same problem i am experiencing with my banking app where I need to Identify with my passport, but the camera is not picking up the neccesary data.

In both apps all permissions been granted, and the camera is actually recording when used within the app. I am getting the impression the software behind the camera is actually not compatible with these apps.

The above mentioned issues are not beig experienced with other phones.

For me these are two very essential apps to use on my phone. I have tried to find an answer through the Asus servicedesk here in the Netherlands but the person who helped me was rather rude and quick to say the problem was within both apps.

I send an email to the service desk and the offered solution, which was doing a full reset tot factory settings, was unsuccesful.



Hey @Babean85,
Could you please share the FW version?

Also, have you tried scanning any other QR code?

Hey Mansi,

Thanks for the reply. Both functions now seem to be working. Smooth sailing from here on. Thanks 👍

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Community Manager
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