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Honest reports on Zenfone 9?

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I'm sure there's many other people lurking this subreddit. As a prospective buyer, I'm feeling really cautious about this as I am only seeing nothing but problems. Are these majority talking-points just a loud minority?

I'm in a bit of Android purgatory. I just want to see if this phone is worth it's flagship price, especially as customers are eyeing down black Friday. I appreciate you all in the community. Super eager to see some more of the smooth steadi-cam videos but that 'mega thread' seems to have lost a lot of steam.


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Some flaws are beyond embracing. I don't recommend a zenfone 9. But it is what I have (or at least Asus have as I only had it a month before it had to get sent back for repair). There are some pretty consistent problems being reported. If you don't mind a mediocre camera setup and are happy to not use speaker phone then this could be the phone for you!

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