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Google assistant stops responding on Zenfone 9

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Hey, guys. So, recently I noticed that my google assistant isn't working properly on my Zenfone 9: "OK Google" recognition simply doesn't trigger and activating the assistant manually by sliding up on the screen from the bottom corners shows the animation but also don't trigger the assisant UI. Sometimes, I can see the little green dot on the notification bar that shows my mic is in use by the google app and then some seconds later the voice search pops up with suggestions (as if it listened to me but I didn't say anything). When this is happening and I enter in the google app settings, under "OK Google annd voice match" settings, the "OK google" toggle shows that some error happened, and dliipa from grey to ON. As if it just corrected itself. The problem only goes away after rebooting the phone, but soon enough is gets back and I don't know what else to do. I've already turned off battery optimization for the google app, but that didn't solve it. Any lights on the subject? Thanks in advance!



Hey @seiji9,
Can you please share your device's FW version?
Also, have you enabled the adaptive battery mode?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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