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Simultaneous individual app volume control

Star II

Hello, new to zenfone. I recently got a zf9, love most things about it but this one stressful and annoying issue. 

On my old moto g power 2020(on android 11) I was able to use various apps that had audio going at once and have control of each app's volume separately.  It was just a pop out menu that was a part of the volume menu that appeared when hitting a volume button. 

I know samsung phones allow the same thing  via an app called sound assistant or something similar.   

I cannot stand instagram stories just blasting me with noise or bad music by default and also overriding anything else I may be listening to.    I used to just turn off audio on insta and Facebook but now I've found a cheaper more budget option(my old phone) just plain did this better.  You could listen to a podcast or music via another app without getting interrupted by Instagram, a game, or any other sound producing app. 

Asus could you please integrate this into the OS somehow or release an optional app to do so like Samsung does?   It is really annoying and it just makes me not want to use those apps I no longer have control of the audio over.