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Discord Microphone Input Issues - Zenfone 9

Star I

Zenfone 9 ASUS_Al2202- 8/256 WW model

WW_33.0804.2060.189 and previous version

Not Rooted

All calls on Discord

Discord 200.13 stable and previous versions


The microphones on this phone are actually very high quality, calls and recordings in other apps are very clear, such as Messenger and 


Star I

sorry i keep accidentally posting



stock voice recorder. An interesting thing I have found using another app, Easy Voice Recorder, is the different microphone input options. Photo is attached. The 'Main (tuned for voice communications)' microphone option seems to be similar to how voice is picked up on discord, being rather quiet and cutting out a lot. However, the Main microphone does a very good job at picking up voice and sound very clearly without cutting out. Is there any fix to change the input microphone on discord? I will check with some other apps to get a larger sample of this issue. Thanks!

You can try running the SMMI test to check if the microphone is working properly.

  • Open the calculator app, type " .12345+= ", then SMMI Test Interface will pop up
  • Select "single test" and then select the test you wish to conduct

Thanks for your reply Mansi, apologies for the late reply. I sort of managed to find a solution, where I would have to turn off Ultra Durable or Durable System Modes and use Dynamic or High Performance to get good mic usage. Another solution was higher background usage apps in the background, which would sometimes negatively affect voice quality. 


I do have a another problem regarding the display refresh rate now, I will post it in a new thread.