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Dark mode issue

Star III
I keep my phone in dark mode all the time, when I scroll down the top of the screen turns white which defeats the purpose of dark mode, having a bright white screen hit my eyes in the dark really bothers me.
Video of the problem;

Hey @sipahi061, can you please share your firmware version?

Star III

@Mansi_ASUS Hi, thanks for responding, I think I found the problem, when I turn on override Force dark in developer options, this is what causes the top of the screen to go white within the settings menu. When I shut off override Force dark it goes back to normal and works properly, however now I can't force dark on apps that don't have dark mode. So I have to see the apps very bright at night with their white background. I know that in the settings menu there is system color scheme which has force dark mode for individual apps, but even when I use Force dark mode on specific apps the apps are dark when it's first enabled then after a certain period of time they go non dark by themselves even though force dark mode is still enabled. So it appears that there are some serious bugs in the Force dark mode within the system color scheme and override Force dark within the developer options.

Rising Star II
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