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Clock On Lock Screen (position change)?

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I'm fussy and clingy and irritates me slightly that clock on losck screen in on left side not on middle/center - does anyone also think it would look better in the middle including the weather etc.? (it's about a small clock).

What you think guys?

Yes - Not - No Matter ?


You can't change font size 😞 you have 2 option for clock... 1st is ugly clock in two lines with 2 digits in line xd, adn second is small clock one line ut not center clock postition is left-up corner ;c So I create this post cuz I think that they can add 3rd option or more like small clock one line position same as on picture from me previous post 😉

Hey @KnazZo,

Currently, there are some limited options available for the lock screen clock. However, I've forwarded your feedback to the respective department.

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Can you please report also font of second simple small clock design? It is some weird no system font and it really annoys me;) Many thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager
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