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Clock cut off

Star II

Hey there,

Today i noticed that the clock in the statusbar is sometimes cut off on the left side (¼ of the first number). It only happens occasionally and is seemingly triggered by unlocking the device. It corrects itself after locking and unlocking but stays bugged until you lock the device. Already tryed retracing my actions since i first noticed it but havent found the problem or the app that causes this bug. Restartet the device a couple times already without any success.

Does anybody have the same problem?


Star II

Hello Dwpeter. I don't know how it was before, but todays morning I saw the same situation on my screen so maybe it's new bug? I have this phone few months and today I saw this 1st time so I think that's new one 🙂 cheers

Ok maybe its related to the recent update. Thanks for the reply.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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