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Clock changed to other style, cannot redo

Star I

HI, Out of nowhere, my clock changed style. First of all today it disappeared, no idea why, so I found out I can use widgets to drop it...however widgets do not contain old clock, they contain only something looking like attached.


Before, it was non bold, fit to screen on the middle, so to say, just above the google search. Now I cannot position it like that, it is half bold, doesn't show wheather etc. Any hint what is going on?



Hey @Heim66,

When did you notice this issue? Did it occur after installing some updates?
Also, can you please share the FW version?

I noticed it the same day I've posted but I didn't do any update. What's weird it seems it could be the default clock app itself as when I try to use it, and pick a proper looking clock - It's not there, only the half bold version. I've downloaded different click app to fix the issue. I am using Zenfone 9 with 33.0804.2060.204 system version

Zen Master I

Let's see if I can help you. After all the commentary at the end you mention the weather and I have the feeling that you are trying to use the widget of the clock and not the one of the weather app...

Here's a screenshot, which of the two widgets is more similar to what you had? The one above is the one that comes by default and is the one from the weather app and not the clock.