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Missing Update Files on Support Site

Star III

Since all the relevant threads have died and Asus seems to not want to reply there, here's a brand new thread for the same old issue:

People seem to be getting OTAs and there's even an android 14 beta program.  Yet, the downloadable firmware remains untouched since June 2023, over half a year ago at this point. I saw unconfirmed rumours there were issues with the bootloader or something but given there are thread about things like "the November update" clearly Asus IS making updates, they're just not publishing them.


Why, can you please resume publishing them, and what's the ETA to resolving this? Many users are still stuck in ancient updates because of this problem, which really should be trivial for Asus to solve.  I love the hardware of my device, please don't give me a software reason to ditch it.


Star III

I fully agree to your statement and thank you for bringing it up on the table again. For people like me, who are no longer able to receive updates via OTA (bootloader unlock issue), it would be mandatory to have an alternative source for the files. 

I would really appreciate, if ASUS can update and maintain the Firmware files on their website. Or even better, it would be cool to have an solution for the OTA issue that we can receive the updates back from there. I've joined the 14 beta program, but I'm not sure if I will get it or not (due to the above problem). 

Sorry to say that, but the update policy is a shame for such a great device and also such a big company. Anyway, thanks ASUS for any positive feedback to all the above in advance.

Rising Star I

Im currently on the .142 version with no update in sight except the android 14 beta. This is also with a 6 month old security update too.

Luckily i have almost all the previous firmware versions on my PC, so if i for some reason need them again i have them right here unlike Asus own website.

Forgot to add: The update that came out AFTER .142 version did in fact have some problems with the bootloader which somehow could in worst case scenario make your phone die, which is why it was pulled from the website. Other than that one im pretty sure there are no more updates since .142.

Nah, not 100 correct. After the 142 there came a few more updates, the next after 142 had some issues that's right. But also none of the successors was uploaded on the Asus website.