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Camera - Poor Quality Pictures

Rising Star II

Asus please, it's time that you fix the bad quality picture that the Asus Zenfone 9 produces or if you don't have the resources look for help from other camera companies. This Asus Zenfone 9 is not cheap and we the customers  deserve batter. Check the pictures below that I took today, they look awful 😔.




I want a phone that takes good pictures all the time and not just sometimes. I have had Samsung Galaxies the most of the time and they are very accurate. To be honest the Galaxy S10e takes better pictures than this phone. I don't think I will get another Asus phone until they fix the camera. I am very disappointed.

Since you asked, here is a comparison between ZF9 and S10e. Same environment as yesterday's pics (my garden). You make up your own mind (if it's not already made):


Star III

The Z9's photos are all blown out. I'm from Brazil and have the same problem, ASUS has launched a product that is completely terrible in photos, in addition to the absurd value of the device for being top of the line.
Asus has an efficient programmer that fixes the camera software, doesn't cause these blur effects, pixel burst in the photos, there are more cheap cell phones that take better pictures.

Sorry, but I think you're wrong. Yes, the poppy picture is blown out; and yes, the P7 is generally better at controlling this. (But have you seen a Samsung S22 or S23...?) And where do you see blur and "pixel burst" (again, besides the poppy pic) in these photos?  

Again: the P7 does better (despite the bad bluish cast in at least two photos), the ZF9 does quite well. 

By the way, I have also taken some 2x digital zoom pics indoors, in moderate light (also added my Pixel 5). In the first, the Pixel 7 in particular (despite its digial Res Zoom) murders the texture of the shirt. In the second, it does better, esp. with noise control.



Rising Star I

Good idea, Asus could rely on the technology used by GCAM or Google Pixel, the camera could improve a lot