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Animation and Gesture Suggestions (linked examples)

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1. Improve hidden navigation bar fluidity; so that it works identically to having the bar shown. 

2. Blend transition between AOD and Lockscreen (e.g., Pixel A13). 

3. Smoother Unlock Animation (e.g., OxygenOS or Pixel A13). 

4. Split screen gesture (swipe up with 3 fingers) which also allows launch of any app while foreground app hovers (e.g., OxygenOS). 

5. [Bug fix] Quick setting gesture pulldown animation is snappy when slowly pulling down on homescreen compared to quickly pulling down (demonstration in attached file). 

6. Include a changelog for future updates 🙂 

P.S. allowing user preferences such as enabling/disabling these new features would be fantastic (like how ZenUI has allowed certain features to have Stock Android vs ASUS Optimised preferences) 

Zenfone 9 (33.0804.2060.142, Unrooted)


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Community Manager
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