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Android 14 putting Zenfone 9 into endless boot cycle

Star III

After I upgraded to Android 14, the first time I rebooted, the phone went into an endless reboot cycle.

I forced it to turn off, then started it again and it worked.

Just now I restarted it, and it went into the boot cycle again.

I've restarted it 4 times, and each time it's gone into the boot cycle.

This seems to happen as soon as the SIM is registered and it connects to a network.

Is this happening with anyone else? Anyone at Asus know about this?

- Tim


Star II

Bahahahaha, what a joke.

So glad I sold my **bleep**Fone 9.

Excellent QA by the intern!

Still, it seems you're still not over it... Why are you still hanging around here NOT helping people but laughing at their problems?

Rising Star II

So what happens when you try to boot without the SIM in the phone?

@landsome I haven't tried that - that was going to be my next test if I hadn't been able to get it to start normally.  After a few more shutdowns/restarts, it started okay again.  I'm guessing this won't be reliable, so if it happens again, I'll do that test.  Despite @Akshunhiro 's attitude, I agree with the sentiment (i.e. bad QA'ing) - this kind of thing shouldn't be happening. 😕

I'l report back if I have to remove the SIM to test, and tell what happens then.