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Android 14 putting Zenfone 9 into endless boot cycle

Star III

After I upgraded to Android 14, the first time I rebooted, the phone went into an endless reboot cycle.

I forced it to turn off, then started it again and it worked.

Just now I restarted it, and it went into the boot cycle again.

I've restarted it 4 times, and each time it's gone into the boot cycle.

This seems to happen as soon as the SIM is registered and it connects to a network.

Is this happening with anyone else? Anyone at Asus know about this?

- Tim


I have seen postings about the fix being worked on for the ROG series of phones, but must have missed the one about Zenfones. Thank you for sharing the news. 

@charwhee  Yay! I'll check for those threads! 🙂

Rising Star I

I apologize for missing this thread, as I'm the one going to all the popular boot loop threads and linking the update from the moderator. Found here: Zenfone 9 Boot Looping

Star III

Everyone keep your fingers crossed. I did receive an over the air update this morning, which specifically mentions Fixing the AT&T Sim Compatibility issue. And the best part is that just as when we do receive most updates, the final step was to reboot the phone. I was almost holding my breath for this part, but yes the phone did reboot and was still operational. There was also the follow up message stating "Successful System Update", after resuming operational capability. 

This is great news for other model users as well! I have the Zenfone 10 and others with the ROG 8 & 7 have reported this problem. Looks like an update came out today for the ROG 7 as well! So it's just a matter of holding out a little longer it seems.