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Android 14 putting Zenfone 9 into endless boot cycle

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After I upgraded to Android 14, the first time I rebooted, the phone went into an endless reboot cycle.

I forced it to turn off, then started it again and it worked.

Just now I restarted it, and it went into the boot cycle again.

I've restarted it 4 times, and each time it's gone into the boot cycle.

This seems to happen as soon as the SIM is registered and it connects to a network.

Is this happening with anyone else? Anyone at Asus know about this?

- Tim


For me, it's *any* data connectivity. If I turn on either mobile data (with or without 5g also being on) or WiFi with the SIM in, it crashes into the loop. However, I've noticed that it *can* leave airplane mode and connect to the mobile network as long as there's no data connection. (I noticed this after AT&T did a connection reset on their end; I don't know if that actually had an effect or if I just missed it before). So I can put the SIM in and have basic calls and SMS, or I can take the SIM out and use WiFi.

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@Phluffy I think there's instructions in this thread (or others) saying how to do that.  After you're done logging what you need to log, you go to the same place you initiated logging (a notification may exist while it's logging) and you tap on something there, something like "send log" or something like that.  It takes awhile to finally create the file you can send, but then you can send it where you like - email, save it, Google Drive, etc.

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I had this happen 2x, and don't feel like I can confidently use this phone after upgrading it.

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After factory resetting TWICE to get past the bootloop, I found that shutting down the phone and turning it back on vs hitting reset avoids the bootloop. Never tried it more than once though.


Although I do sincerely hope that this works well for you, if the boot loop continues, just a heads up that most of us originally encountered the same thing. A simple restart, or even powering the phone off completely then back on, occasionally works. But there have been many instances where we finally give up and do the resets instead. Please note though, that some people have had success / luck with booting into Safe Mode. Then turning off 5G and or WiFi, then restarting the phone again. I did try that once, with what I thought had been success. However, when I attempted turning the 5G service back on later the boot loop also restarted. I wish you the best of luck with your adventure, regardless of what works out the best for you.