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90hz Color Correction and Bluetooth LE and LCE

Star II

Model Name: Zenfone 9 (AI2202)
Firmware Version: V33.0804.2060.113
Rooted or not: Yes but affected me nonrooted as well
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time

Please correct the color profile of the screen when the screen is set to 90hz refresh rate. It is noticiably lighter and greenish when compared to 60hz and 120hz. I would love to use this setting, but the colors are too far off and annoying.  Also, please enable Bluetooth LE and LCE. It is available for Android 13 and should be a simple setting adjustment.  I really love this phone, but these issues, combined with only 2 years of security updates (industry standard is 3) would prevent me from buying another ASUS phone in the future.  Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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