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90hz Color Correction and Bluetooth LE and LCE

Star II

Model Name: Zenfone 9 (AI2202)
Firmware Version: V33.0804.2060.113
Rooted or not: Yes but affected me nonrooted as well
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time

Please correct the color profile of the screen when the screen is set to 90hz refresh rate. It is noticiably lighter and greenish when compared to 60hz and 120hz. I would love to use this setting, but the colors are too far off and annoying.  Also, please enable Bluetooth LE and LCE. It is available for Android 13 and should be a simple setting adjustment.  I really love this phone, but these issues, combined with only 2 years of security updates (industry standard is 3) would prevent me from buying another ASUS phone in the future.  Thank you.


Zen Master I


I have this phone since August 2022 and the problem of color change with a refresh rate of 90Hz does not happen to me. It does not lighten or become greenish. My phone is not rooted...

Maybe you notice a color change because the phone changes the refresh rate, but your eye should get used to the change.

With Bluetooth, in the instruction manual it is very clear that the phone works with Bluetooth LE (and BR / LDR). You have it on page 76 of the English manual.

What is Bluetooth LCE?

Updates: yes, a 2-year upgrade commitment is too little. But by the date of release of the product, we have secured three major versions of Android (12, 13 and 14) with their security updates. It seems enough. And, after having a OnePlus flagship that ensured more years of major updates, Asus has so far been updating me almost EVERY month the phone with the last current security update from Google. I haven't experienced that with OnePlus or Huawei.

The 90Hz Collor change is real, i have this issue too, it's more noticeable with low brightness, because of that i hate to use the adaptative refresh rate or the 90Hz option.

If you turn down the brightness, the color and brightness shift is much more noticable. As far as Bluetooth goes, the Zenfone 9 does support LE, but the developers have not enable LC3 in Android 13, which is required to use LE. You can check by going into developer settings -> bluetooth. The option is greyed out. Support has confirmed this. It should be a simple software adjustment. It also supports aptX, but this is also greyed out and not enabled in any of the builds. While ASUS' monthly releases have been prompt, having them end after only 2 years when they created such a great phone is simply unacceptable.

Star II

Same issue here. To reproduce, set your screen to a low brightness and toggle the Refresh modes in the quick settings. You will notice it gets brighter on 90 Hz and Auto (Auto uses 90 Hz on the stock Launcher, within Settings or Chrome app).