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Zenfone8 crashing regularly on phone calls

Star I
My Zenfone 8 is crashing regularly when making phone calls.
Android version is 12
Patch level 5th August 2022
There's a screen shot of the software version.
I've had VoLTE enabled, I'll try disabling that to see if that makes any difference.
In any case a phone should NOT crash during a phone conversation.
This is a pretty serious issue for a phone to have, for example should it crash during an emergency call the consequences could be catastrophic and life threatening, rather than just extremely annoying.


Star III
I'm also on Telstra Aus. No problem normal calls.
But when I make a call using the 3.5mm with any headset, then the device restarts during the call. Everytime.
I'll check if I still have this bug now that I've updated to the .138. Will update later.

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volte does not work in Poland. soon they will turn off our 3g. and asus pretends there is no problem.

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