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Zenfone 8 video sound clipped camera app issues

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Hello, there's another issue that ruins my day with Zenfone 8 since android 13 update. So my video camera app clips sound of most of my video recordings. Also sometimes microphone jumps to my earbuds if connected (observed jumping from buds microphone to phone while recording without any action from my side). Already checked that disabling mic focus and wind noise reduction does not help also tried using mic surround function in pro mode - sound clipped even earlier than usual. Usually if I record 33 seconds sound will stop at 29 second in recorded video, but the longer video I will record, the more sound will be missing. Yesterday I recorded 1:40 clip but sound stops at 1:26... Checked if it's not gallery app/ movie player issue on pc and it's the same. 

Android Version: 13

Model: Zenfone 8 8/256 ASUS_I006D SN:M4AIB762C145Y8V

Baseband: M3.13.24.79-Sake_0000110

Core/kernel version:5.4.147-qgki-perf-g4d6ef3ddb083

Extension ROM: 1.1.26

Compilation number TKQ1.220807.001.33.0210.0210.269 release-keys


Camera app version:

In shorter videos, like 15 - 20 seconds sound is usually fine and not cut.


Also why timer is in options not in OSD? (it was there, i've seen it once) And video tears terribly when stabilization is on.



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I noticed that the camera app is limiting max .CPU frequencies for 1080p video recording.
In pro video mode 1080@60fps, stabilization ON, ISO auto, manual shutter speed, CPU usage is almost 100%(on the edge) and recorded video starts to have framerate below tears. Probably this is what you noticed.

Besides that
every few minutes in recorded video the image freezes for ~3 frames, which is annoying, but I can live with that.

In attachment silver lines are CPU utilization and when they touched colored lines it means 100% for that core.

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Community Manager
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