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Just another dead Zenfone 8

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My Zenfone 8 died suddenly after using it for 1 year and 9 months. Black screen with no response at all. On one hand very disappointed, on the other happy that I have still 3 months of warranty left. I'm not sure if it will be replaced with a new unit or they will try to repair it. Do you guys have any experience in similar situation? Are newer units free from ramdump, bricking, dying etc?

BTW, it's my first phone with so many problems experienced form the beginning that I'll stay away from Asus products in the future. Just to name few: battery draining for no reason, problem with GPS signal and Google Maps app in general, artifacts displaying when browsing the Internet, screen turned off with the phone still being active and registering touch inputs, no VOLTE or WiFi calling which was promised form the beginning and many more.


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Jaką masz datę na pudełku od telefonu MFD:? 

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Mam tą samą na pudełku... 

Hi @bobekos1 

May I ask have you encounter cannot power on issue?

Please try the troubleshooting steps in the following link first.

[Zenfone/Pad] Troubleshooting - Phone can not boot up | Official Support | ASUS Global

Also, I have PM you for confirming  issue details.
Could you please check the PM inbox at the top right corner of the screen and kindly provide the requested information?

Thank you.