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Zenfone 8 battery drain

Star II

Hi! I have a problem with battery drain by "Others". I think the problem startered with the latest update 33.0210.0210.332.Usually I use System mode - Durable. Did twice factory reset and did not help. If Zenfone 8 will get a new firmware soon or some software update? I dont know if i have to wait or shall I complain my phone to battery problem. I attached screenshot about battery usage. Thanks in advance for feedback!


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Many other users expierence the same issue, inclusing myself. Already since I bought the ZF8 last August, but indeed, the issue seemed to have increased with the latest build. My ZF went to repair three times for this, but Asus 'could not duplicate the issue'. Although the issue is very clear, they will request you for screenshots of the issue, a log file etcetera. And with those they can't solve the issue anyway, so save yourself the hassle.

I experience a drain of 12%-15% with screen on, light use. But as soon the camera is used, streaming video or even scrolling thru Spotify playlists of Instagram feeds, the drop rises to 20% easily. This ZF8 can be used in and around the house when you've your charger at hand, but I already have another phone for daily use. The ZF8 is there for extra or to grab it when the other is charging. A shame. Good form factor, but it is very energy inefficient and the motherboard tends to fry around the two years point, mostly just when warranty has expired. So be aware to backup your data constantly as it might die on you unnoticed.


Hi @Miki1 


Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please provide a bit more information regarding the issue? 


1. Please provide a whole screenshot of the battery usage page + let us know what the power consumption is throughout a certain time period.

2. Do you play games, watch videos or do other activities during this time period or does the battery drain happen while the phone is idle/suspending? 


Thank you! 

Hi @keren_ASUS 

Thanks for your feedback. I don't play games, sometimes I watch short video on YouTube. I most often use my phone using Opera via WiFi (not LTE). I am very soft user. I am concerned about the high result of "Others". Why Others drains battery so much especially during activities but sometimes even when phone is idle. I attached new screenshot. 

Thank you!

hey @Miki1 


Based on the screenshot you provided, it appears that the phone has been in use for 1 day and 21 hours. The battery decreasing from 90% to 14% over this period doesn't appear abnormal, given the extended duration of use. Regarding your concern about the "other" category, this section encompasses power consumption from apps accounting for less than 0.1% and other power usage that cannot be attributed to a specific app (including system operations, background processes, etc.). Since the phone was idle for an extended period, it resulted in power consumption that couldn't be attributed to a specific app, hence the higher percentage in this category.