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Constant lag, stutters and bugs

Star II

Hi, for past month I noticed lots of bugs, freezes and stutters on my zenfone 8. I'm using os version WW_33.0210.0210.314 . I have tried restarting my phone and delete some apps. Currently, I have 26% space left. The issue still persists.





can you please make sure your phone is updated to the latest firmware:

It not helped. No bugs but it still stutters. Phone is on ultra durable mode, 1 app opened, phone freezes for 5 - 20 seconds before it reacts and displays ANYTHING OTHER.

Rising Star II

I'm also having issues on this firmware. The phone will sometimes just not have any network transfer. Wifi is enabled, as is 4G LTE, and I have signal. I will be in an app and when transitioning from outside to inside or inside to outside, the speed in the status bar drops to 0 b/s. Additionally, it will refuse to send text messages.

Also, sometimes when switching towers (4G LTE roaming or new access point), the phone will refuse to connect and show 0 bars until I reboot it in the same physical location. We have a wifi signal booster from T-Mobile literally 100 feet from me.