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Sudden excessive battery drain

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Asus Zenfone 8

Current version: 33.0210.0210.326

I'm experiencing an excessive battery drain at the moment where my battery is completely drained in 5-7 hours with normal use... Normally it can easily be used for a whole day... It has started from one day to the other, so I'm not suspecting the battery being bad...

I can see there has been an issue on the Zenfone 8 a few years back and again on the 10 and it had been resolved with a firmware upgrade. Is there being worked on a fix? 

I have attached a screenshot of my battery usage.. 


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I also observe high battery usage on idle. And the Android OS is the top consumer.
So, the temporary solution is to reboot the device. And it will happen again after some time.

With this last firmware it was happening very frequently (every other day). Since the "Android OS" doesn't give a lot of information, you can try to use some battery analyzing app which sometimes requires root access.

My solution is to restrict the background battery usage of all apps that don't need it (Settings ---> Apps --->"the exact app"---> Battery ---> Restricted

Now the battery life is much better.