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Still no VoLTE when roaming in the USA

Rising Star I

Please, how is it possible that i can use VoLTE with my home carrier in Austria but not when i'm roaming in the USA? T-Mobile USA and AT&T have the Zenfone 8 on their positive list, with T-Mobile i even checked with their IMEI compatibility check and it passed!

With my home carrier i need to use the *#*#... -code to enable the 4G-calling option but it works at least since last year. In the USA i still see the option in the settings but it doesn't change anything. Still no VoLTE possible!!

So after almost two years with this phone and hoping for an update that fixes this problem i still can't use regular phone calls when i'm roaming in the USA!

Are you at ASUS working on that? Do you have any other solution that throwing the phone in the trash?

Sorry but it's a horrible situation. Please and thank you for your help!


Hi thread will be marked as solved since there is an accepted solution. 



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Community Manager
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