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Screen stays on during calls

Rising Star II
So during phone calls, Phone app is not using proximity sensor properly. I constantly bring down notification bar, turn on airplane mode etc with my face. This is happening on the latest Android 12. Another thing that happens regularly during calls is that the screen turns off and phone locks itself. Then if I want to hang up, I need to unlock the phone first.
I downloaded Google's Phone app, and the issue is gone, so there is some kind of a bug in Asus' Phone app. It would be nice if it was resolved as it was reported a while back, and discussion about it was closed without a resolution.

original thread:

Star II
Experiencing same issue with brand new phone - came with Android 11 out of the box and received Android 12 OTA, but issue persists.
Disappointing for a flagship device. Please address this with urgency as it makes the PHONE quite unusable.
(There's also occasional crackling noises heard when on calls. Can learn to live with this if at least the proximity issue is resolved!)

Rising Star II
Tbh I was really understanding and supportive of Asus, but after having a really bad experience with their customer support for their graphics card and added to what I had with my phone and what other people had, I think I will stay away from Asus in the future.
Security patch on our flagships is still January and it is almost April now. I might sell this phone and go for pixel 7 when it is out. Allegedly it will be a little bit smaller than pixel 6 so it might be what I need 😬

Star III
Same issue here. when in a phone call, my ear is triggering the display and changing settings and putting calls on hold. How can we set it so when on a call, it stays on the phone app and is less sensitive.
I've lost count of how many calls I've put on hold by my ear.

Same problem with Rog 5 . When phone is on call, dark screen not appears. It happened after android update. Just function is not working. Trying many times with restarting but it stil not working.

Star III
I can confirm the same issue. It occurred on Android 11 and now on Android 12.