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Ramdump Glitchy Boot + Blinking Red Light when plugging in

Star III
I got hit with the infamous Ramdump on my Zenfone 8. Tried every possible combination of side buttons all day, somehow randomly booted into the ramdump screen after hours of trying. I held the power and volume down (I believe this is fastboot) and the Asus screen showed up, all glitchy. Then it went back to a black screen. The top part of the phone was hot so I'm guessing the motherboard is fried, as has been deduced by previous ramdump threads. After a day, I plug it into the charger, and the notification LED blinks red for about 3 minutes, then stopped and the phone is completely dead.


Hello, litly . 
Based on the situation you describe, it is recommended that you visit the ASUS Repair Center to have your device checked.

Find service locations - Malaysia | Official Support | ASUS Malaysia
Meanwhile, please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.
Thank you.

Rising Star II
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