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Problems with USB and AC charging (steady charge broken and more...)

Star I
Yesterday I casually noticed the steady charge is not working at all with the original charger. I don't know since when it's happening, maybe since the last updates?
Basically, regardless the settings, the phone always charges at 30W (I stayed awake just to check, from 7% to 90% it took less than 1h). I already tried, as I've been suggested, to delete cache and data of PowerMaster, restarting the phone but nothing happened, still 30W (1st picture).
Today I run the test suite and it was stuck on both USB and AC charging. While on AC some amperes are coming into the phone, on USB they're totally not. I looked at the settings and I discovered I can choose who can takes control of the USB (I guess also for the charging feature). but it doesn't work, saying "impossible to execute the commutation" (2nd picture).
I'm worried this is a symptom of a "going to die" charging chip, maybe leading soon to a ramdump brick as many others had...
Do you know how can I try to fix it? Thankyou.
P.S. I wonder if I can get a full refund BEFORE it dies, so I have time to transfer all my sensitive data (there are users who have EVERYTHING in their smartphone, not just games and instagram, and expect reliability from a flagship smartphone made by a huge company like you, ASUS).


Zen Master I
Hi @uociucamin,
As I can see from the information you've provided, seems to be working normal.
As per the indicator in the lock screen - and the battery icon, does not indicate specifically that it is charging 30W, only that it is connected to a hypercharge capable charger. The "Steady" setting on Steady Charging is 18W approx.
Ultra Steady is 10W, as such, your battery going from ~7->90 at 1hr, seems quite normal meaning so far, we can see, it is working exactly as normal.
There is no indication that your device has any problems, nevertheless if you are worried about any losing data, you should perform a data backup.
Regarding any refunds you'll have to contact your reseller for that.

Rising Star I
Today i tried Huawei 18w charger and opened steady charging menu... Steady charging limiter shows 12W and ultra steady 9W and i switching between this Modes with ampermeter and it works... Thank you Asus fór this great feature... And i hope this will be included in Android 13(in 12 is confirmed)...