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Rising Star I

Hello... everyone...this talk is for a privacy related topic..

Today most of the smartphone has a feature that unlock to switch off. This feature offer more security and privacy for the device that it helps to track the device if someone has stolen it and prevent him to switch off the that time we can track our phone..

Asus is not giving this everyone request for this they would add this in the feature update.


Star II

One can just hold the power button to force the phone to power off. I do not know if ASUS even cares enough for this phone to add anything.

Star III

Yes, a great feature! Leave your phone unlocked & stuck wide open all the time, even after it's lost or stolen! True security! (facetious statement - sorry).

Just don't create or remove your current pin, bio lock, etc., Your problem is resolved!

BTW:  Cell Service Providers(police use this), cloners, and hackers can turn your phone & apps on anytime! Most new phones have permanent ON background GPS too, even if phone is turned off & location disabled! Only fix is remove battery(s), including the tiny coin cell many now have.

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Community Manager
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