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New update 31.1010.041061

Rising Star II
Received this morning.
Just wondering why no one mentions it. Am i the only one with this OTA ?

Star II
I just checked for updates in the settings and it says I'm up to date.
I'm on 31.1010.0410.43.
Even ASUS' website doesn't have this update listed:
I'm guessing it'll be posted there and be pushed out to other phones soon.

Star III
It's announced here:
But strangely as NTICompass mentioned, the zip file is not even available in the usual location.

Star II
I'm about sure this update bricked my Zenfone 8, so best watch out. It got as far as the reboot and then... dead. Haven't been able to restart it since. I'm in the process of RMA'ing it to the place I got it from. Of course YMMV. (Of course I cannot check which version the update was, just that it was offered this morning (European time) and that I have been busy trying to resurrect my phone ever since 10am.)

Star I
I got the update last night and now face unlock does not work anymore