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network connectivity issue - requires daily reboot

Star I
I recharge my phone overnight, and generally use fingerprint to unlock.
But, every morning the initial unlock requires PIN; the unlock screen shows the message
PIN is required when you restart your device
If I check the system 'up time', it doesn't appear to have rebooted during the night.
Does anyone else get this?

I could live with having to enter PIN once a day, but the main issue is that after unlocking, most apps fail to connect to the internet (with varying results; some just crash, others handle it better and display a "can't connect" message).
It seems like google apps (eg chrome, maps) are the only ones that can connect to the internet (perhaps because they are somehow 'system apps'??)

If I try to `ping` in a virtual terminal emulator, I get the message "Destination port unreachable".

It doesn't seem to be specific to wifi or mobile data:
If I turn wifi off and leave mobile data on, pinging returns "unknown host". If I instead ping by IP address instead of DNS name then I again get "Destination port unreachable".
If I turn mobile data off and leave wifi on, then attempting to ping again gives "Destination port unreachable".
If both wifi and mobile data are turned off, then attempting to ping gives 'network is unreachable' (as you'd expect).

As far as I can tell, the only way to rectify this situation is to reboot the phone; after that everything works normally.

I've only had the phone a few weeks, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't always doing this and only started about a week ago (tho I could be wrong). I'm on version but I don't know when it updated to that (I previously had it set to 'automatically update', but have since changed that to manual).

Does anyone else have this issue, or suggestions how to troubleshoot further?

Zen Master I
Hi @andynospamuk ,
Could you try the following:
1.If you currently have developer option on, please turn this option off.
2.Do you have scheduled power saving on? (for example, switch over to ultra durable between 02-06),
if that disable all and try again the next night.
See if this helps.
3.If continues, I would recommend to back up your data and perform factory reset.
Let me know if issue still occurs.

Star I
Hi @Irene2_ASUS
thanks for the suggestions. I didn't have developer option on (until yesterday, when I was trying things out), and I don't have scheduled power saving on,
I'm not quite ready to resort to factory reset, but I guess it's always an option.
Interestingly, as an experiment I switched on aiplane mode before going to bed last night, and this morning (after turning airplane mode off) all was fine, But I'm not sure what that tells us...!

Star I
This morning I happened to notice my phone make a small vibration and briefly show a 'zenfone' flash screen and then appeared to go back to normal. This was at 06.34 while it was still plugged in for overnight charge.
Had the normal issue this morning (ie apps had no network). Decided to check the system update status, but first turned on airplane mode (to prevent an immediate check for updates) and saw that it had indeed last checked at 06.35. Could that be causing the issue? (having the phone in airplane mode would prevent the check being successful, so might explain my previous reply)
I already have it set to not download updates automatically. But is there a way to prevent it even checking for updates? (so that I can confirm/eliminate this as the cause)