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Modify behaviour of notification LED

Star I
Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to customize the behaviour of the notification LED on this phone. For example, I don't need the LED to blink for a simple email. In other phones I've had with the notification LED, it has been possible to change what kind of notifications trigger the LED and what color it will light for each. Is there any way to change this for this phone? Thank you for reading

Rising Star I
You can set notification options in app settings.
For example, Gmail App Info -> Notifications -> Email (under "all notifications") -> Blink Light

Rising Star I
Some of the colour options in WhatsApp also work. For each contact select 'Custom notifications' and the 'Light' colour can be chosen. Red, Yellow and Green work for me, sadly not the others. I can recognise 2 contacts from the LED as they'll flash yellow or red instead of green.

Rising Star II
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