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Major problems with Android Auto

Star II
I have a 2021 Peugeot 3008 and I have major problems using Android Auto with the Zenfone 8.
The car has a type-A USB port, so I can't use the original cable provided with the phone.
I went through 5 or 6 different cables already, most of them do nothing at all. Starting from old cables I can't even remember from which device, through a brand new cable rated for 10GBps data rate. For most of them Android Auto doesn't launch at all and the car may or may not say "device not recognized" or something of the sort.
The best result is with an original cable from a OnePlus Nord 2. With that cable Android Auto launches and works, but after 10-20 minutes it disconnects and doesn't connect again until I reset the phone and/or the car head unit. Didn't experiment enough with this yet.
Does anyone have a similar experience and maybe a solution? Is my phone broken or should I keep looking for a cable that works? I'm really disappointed as this is a complete deal breaker for me...
Thanks for any advice...

Zen Master III
I have a similar issue with the zenfone 7, the only cable that works is an expensive Anker short 30 cm cable. All my cables used to work so I'm not sure if it is a phone issue or an android auto bug. The really strange thing is that AA works fine with my Telstra prepaid SIM card but not with my Vodafone Sim card but it all used to work perfectly with Vodafone until a recent ( a couple of months now) update. I spoke with Vodafone customer service and he said that they have been getting a lot of calls and suggested that Asus have changed something in the settings and thats what is the cause but I don't know if he is right or not . I do know that it's a much larger problem than you would think,if you google the issue you need a day to read all the results and it's all phones not just Asus so who the hell knows what is going on?