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How to recover ASUS Mobile Manager?

Rising Star I
In a previous post (now deleted by the ZenTalk Bot as it was lacking follow-up) I commented on the folly of upgrading ASUS Mobile Manager from to Version 9 is just wonderful but version 40 "keeps stopping". (Also, Under Settings - Apps & Notifications - Mobile Manager - Storage & Cache, there is no facility to Uninstall. Exruciating.)
This stupid folly (upgrading from v.9 to v.40) I managed to commit last night through lacking concentration :o(
PLEASE can anybody tell me where I can obtain the apk for v.9?
(When I allowed the upgrade previously, which led me to recognise the awful error of doing so, the only way I could recover the working version was to do a Factory Reset. Now, with the phone presenting and performing quite beautifully across all dimensions after several months of careful polishing and personalisation, I really really do not want to have to do that .. .. .. )
So pl;ease help if you can with locating the originating apk!

Star III
Mobile Manager is an ASUS application that will make you easy optimization your ZenFone. You only need a tap to optimize it. SCAN, Data usage, PowerMaster, Memory Cleaner, Notifications, Cleanup, and Security & Permissions functions will analyze and optimize your ZenFone


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