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Help with Downgrading Android 13 to 12

Star I

Hello, looking for some help on how to downgrade Android 13 to 12 for Zenfone 8. I have downloaded the firmware provided in another thread and have tried to follow the ASUS steps here:

However, I am required to open an "update_image.bat" file which doesn't exist in the zipfile provided by other users in this thread:

Like others, this is because I am unable to pair my Zenfone 8 to wearables (Whoop in my case) which upon reading seems to have been an issue since the Android 13 update some time ago.

Many thanks for any help!


Star III

I have read that customers with zenfone 8 has got poor battery Life since 12 and 13 comes.

I dont know why HERE on asus have battery problem on Android 13. Because My other device woks better with Android 13 than newone 14. That on oneplus 11 phone. 

And why there IS not Any answer on internet what that OTHER IS on battery setup.?. Because that IS big Eater of BATTERY capacity. On My case that eats More than 1/3 of 100% battery. 



To ensure the security updates of your mobile device remain at the latest version, we regret to inform you that we do not provide downgrade packages or downgrade services. We appreciate your understanding.