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Google Assitant

Star II
I don't know if it is a bug or not. Google Assistant won't work sometimes when you will say "Hey Google" or "OK Google". I need to restart the phone and retrain the voice model so that it will work. If I won't restart and retrain, I would hold press or long press the home button just to launch the assistant which defeats the purpose of launching the assistant if you don't want to touch your phone.

Star III
Hi, same Google Assistant bug in my phone. I have to use shortcut from bottom screen corners to activate Assitant.

Star I
Same here. For me, this issue seems to occurs since last updated to A12. I haven't recalled having similar issue while on A11.

Rising Star I
Same issue with my A12 too. Never happen with A11.

Sort of like the mike is not active. Not listening to Hey Google.

Rising Star I
Unfortunately, I face the same issue as well. Restarting the phone brings the functionality back but I feel it is not a fix to the problem.