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No sound when calling in headset (whatsapp call works fine)

When I use the phone app to place calls, I cannot hear anything through the headset. I can however talk using the speaker.The headset works fine while placing Whatsapp calls which suggetss a software bug rather than a hardware one

pscoe2 by Star I
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Possible ramdump issue?

My zenfone 8 borked itself at the airport in January when i was visiting a government website to print out the e-visa. Ever since then i have been using a emergency phone. i contacted asus support support and they refuse to fix anything and told me i...


hi, i have encountered a problem after replacing a broken screen, using a used one from a donner device, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. initially i didn't see any errors or messages telling me that there is a problem, it just didn't registe...

Zenfone 8 need new GPU Drivers

Hi, good night! I would like asus to change the GPU drivers version. I'm requesting this, due to the V530 version being "broken". The reflection of this is in the AetherSX2 emulator, when I try to render something in vulkan like the game "Black" it c...

Icon style is different

the icon style is different with what i have set inside the setting the homescreen screenshot

screenshot-20220226-211443458.jpg screenshot-20220226-211448328-1.jpg

Change captive portal URL?

Android checks a certain well-known URL when it connects to a WiFi access point to see if that WiFi has Internet connectivity or is behind a captive portal. In 'vanilla' Android, the URL used is http://connectivitycheck.gstatic.com/generate_204 , but...

Custom launcher disappeared until reboot

I have a ZenFone 8 with Android 12. I use the Nova launcher (which I'd link, but the forum is not letting me). After the phone had been on overnight, charging and whilst I was sleeping, somehow the launcher got disabled; I was back to the stock Asus ...

TumTiTa by Star II
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proximity sensor test

Since my previous post was closed without answering my question on how to reset the proximity sensor, I created a new thread. I was forced to answer the question myself. Same as downloading the update to android 12 and following this forum all the ti...

Bug, missing options, search workaround

the voLTE & 5G und other options are missing from the data usage section, unless we did a search in the settings for 5G and then navigate there like in the video i posted

Update 31.1004.0404.92 (A12) - problem

Hello, i have a problem with new update.I got version WW_31.1004.0404.81.There is no FOTA update so i decided do download it manualy from asus fota site. The file is in my main phone folder - but phone dont see it.I reset the FOTA app (clean data etc...

Tuathe by Star III
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