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experience with battery degradation

Rising Star I

please post your experiences with battery degradation on zenfone 8. + some info ... device age, frequency of charging, using fast charger or slow charger, etc ...

my zf 8 has minimum battery wear. 2 years, charging every 2 -3 day and i use only slow charger max  10w, mostly 5w


Star I

MFD 2022.03, bought 2023.02, charging while ON(stable - 10W, limit 80%, orig. charger). I start to charging when the battery drops under 20%. After each charging the phone is powered off for few minutes. After 133 days, 83 charging cycles so far. No degradation yet.
Usage: just web browsing, video player, recording 1080p videos, no high power consumption apps, no sim card

Rising Star I

I wanted to open such topic. 

My phone is two years old, first batch of model. Always charge up to 80% on 10W charging. It last one day, sometimes two. According to Accubattery app I lost 10% so far. 

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Community Manager
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